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 " When Words are not Enough" art therapy is a treatment based on strengths and interests as well as concerns. Conducted through art-making and verbal expressions, art is seen as a language and viewed as self-talk, bringing insight to beliefs and behaviors, while empowering children beyond treatment sessions.

I am pleased to announce that Children’s Corner: Art Therapy for Children, has joined the team at The CADENZA CENTER for PSYCHOTHERAPY and the ARTS in Hollywood, Florida. 


My focus will continue to include working with the families of children who have been diagnosed with autism or other developmental disorders. I will also continue to work with the families of children who are coping with a serious medical condition such as cancer and those who are experiencing grief and loss issues because of the death of a parent, sibling, friend or another significant person in their lives. 


In addition to art therapy services, I will be expanding my practice at The Cadenza Center and offering individual tutoring in reading and language arts (children grades K through 5), workshops for children dealing with divorce and parent workshops on a variety of topics.   


The Cadenza Center offers an inter-disciplinary approach to therapy for children and their families by providing diagnostic, enrichment and customized intervention programs.  The Center offers comprehensive evaluations (psycho-educational, developmental, behavioral, gifted testing), music therapy, art therapy, play therapy, social skills groups, tutoring, behavior therapy, life skills training, individual and family psychotherapy, and customized camp programs.


To schedule sessions, visit the Center, or to learn more about our services, please call us at 954-925-3191.   We are located at 450 N. Park Road, Suite 400, Hollywood, Florida, 33021.



Children's Corner: Art Therapy for Children at
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Children and Teens, Ages 3-19
Autism, Grief & Loss
Serious Medical Conditions
Phone  954-925-3191



Art is Our First Language